SEO Outsourcing

Search Engine Optimization is a process which helps you optimize your website to rank well on search engines, using a variety of techniques including:

1) Link Building
2) Discussion Forums
3) Social Bookmarking
4) PR Submission
5) Wikipedia Articles
6) Article Directories
7) Social Media Marketing
8 ) Quality Content

and many other factors…

Since all of these tasks typically require a lot of manual work, and hundreds of man hours, there is an exponentially growing trend of outsourcing such services to Pakistan, India, China, Romania, Thailand, and other countries where labour rates are lower than UK and USA.

There is a serious shortage of skilled SEO skilled people in all these countries, and on top of this, no regular university/institute can define a standard on which an SEO person’s qualification can be graded. Only qualification that can be guagad for SEO success is the search ranking on all bigger search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The sole aim of SEO Outsourcing in this scenario becomes the quest for a firm that can take your website from scratch, and list it in Organic Search results on these search engines. Once you are able to list your client’s website on top of these search engines, then you can always use your success as your skill for showing to newer clients, who will be very interested in hiring you to get them success on search engines.